Adding the Blue A Limited Edition Book

'I always thought I would get into painting, but I got waylaid by rock 'n' roll. Finally, I thought, "Now's the time." As soon as I could be alone and paint without any interruptions, I just couldn't stop.' - Chrissie Hynde

Following previous Genesis art editions - from icons such as Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Sir Peter Blake, Storm Thorgerson and Ronnie Wood - Genesis is proud to present Chrissie Hynde's Adding The Blue(link is external)on sale now. 
In a publishing first, Adding The Blue features more than 200 of Chrissie's never-before-seen paintings. This unique edition opens with colourful still life studies and culminates in expressive abstracts. Captioned throughout with Chrissie's thoughts and reflections, Adding The Blue is introduced by the Royal Academy's Artistic Director, Tim Marlow, and visionary musician and artist, Brian Eno.
'These paintings wake me up, show me life, make me want to get up and do something.' - Brian Eno
Only 1,000 limited edition copies are being published, all of which will be individually signed by the artist and author, Chrissie Hynde. An exclusive, signed print of the singer's 'Sunday Painter' self-portrait will accompany each copy in the edition. 
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