Easy Company 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment In Photographs.


This Genesis Publication Edition in photographs is the history of Easy Company, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne, in an unparalleled limited edition book. Compiled by company historian Jake Powers it features over 400 rare photographs and items of memorabilia – including maps, diary extracts and rosters – together with a 20,000-word text from surviving company veterans.

Edited by Alex Hedley

The ‘Band of Brothers’ that comprised Easy Company (as immortalised in Stephen Ambrose’s bestselling historical book and the celebrated mini-series co-produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks) will forever be remembered for their audacious acts of bravery throughout World War II.

Special Features:

• Contributors Tom Hanks & Steven Spielberg.

• Each copy is personally signed by at least six Easy Company veterans.

• An edition of only 1,000 copies worldwide.

• DVD of interviews with the veterans.

• Facsimile of Richard Winters’ map of Hagenau and ‘Jump Into The Fight’ 1942 recruitment leaflet.


Printed on 232 pages of heavy-weight, 200gsm matt art paper, the photographs are reproduced in full-colour using fine screen lithography and full page varnishing. Stitched into the book is a gatefold photograph of Easy Company at full strength, taken just days before they embarked for Europe and D-Day.

The striking binding is inspired by the paratroopers’ uniform. Each copy:

• Is hand-bound by master craftsmen using leather and M1942 jumpsuit material.

• Features a sewn replica ‘Screaming Eagle’ patch inset on the cover. As sourced by the costume and set designers for Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, and Pearl Harbour among others.

• The title is blocked with gold lettering on the spine and every page is gilt-edged to protect the pages within.

• Is enclosed in a black cloth-covered slipcase, silk-screened with golden parachutists.

 The Photos

Through over 400 photographs the book is an outstanding insight into Easy Company, its training and campaigns. The majority of the photographs, maps and artifacts reproduced in this limited edition come from the private collection of Major Richard D. Winters, one of the most celebrated figures of World War II. This includes a set of photographs he acquired from the division headquarters’ official photographer, Al Krochka, in return for a German Luger pistol at the end of the war.

Herb Suerth’s Falcon 120

 Right Above: Herb Suerth’s Falcon 120.

Right Bottom: Buck Taylor and Ridley Pace, Oct 1942.

Other photographs in the book were taken by Easy Company soldiers.

• Amos ‘Buck’ Taylor: used colour Kodachrome film during training at Toccoa and Camp Mackall.

• Forrest Guth: carried Rod Strohl’s folding camera into combat on D-Day using a specially sewn pocket on his jump suit.

Buck Taylor and Ridley Pace, Oct 1942.

• Herb Suerth: left the line during the Battle of the Bulge to capture his comrades with a Falcon 120.

• Robert ‘Burr’ Smith: captured Easy Company in training using an Eastman Retina 35mm.




Above: A selection of Major Winter’s personal photographs with his handwritten notes.


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