Journal of a Voyage in HMS Beagle

Published in a limited edition of only 500 copies with a foreword by HRH Prince Charles The Prince of Wales, each craftsman-bound volume is signed by George Darwin, great grandson of Charles Darwin.

During his momentous voyage aboard HMS Beagle, Charles Darwin made a series of observations that led him seriously to question, for the first time, the literal truth of the Bible. Like most people, he had accepted Archbishop Ussher's calculation of 4004BC as the date of the world's creation. He was familiar with Lamarck's theory of evolution, but dismissed it as blasphemous nonsense.

The Galapagos Islands were to provide the most illuminating experience of that long voyage. Each island, though only 50-odd miles from its neighbours, had its own species: "This appears to be one of those admirable provisions of Infinite Wisdom by which each created thing is adapted to the place for which it was intended."

Covering the pages of his Journal in that tiny, cramped cabin, Charles Darwin brought forth the outlines of a theory that was to shake the thinking world. The Journal of a Voyage In HMS Beagle is a facsimile of Darwin's journal made in his own handwriting (the Autograph Journal).

Signed by: George Darwin, great grandson of Charles Darwin
Contributors: HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, Professor R. D. Keynes, ScD, FRS, George Darwin, great grandson of Charles Darwin
Binding: Half-bound in polished calf leather, with decorative brasses, gold tooling and gilded page edging
Box: Housed in a buckram-covered slipcase
Page size: 230mm x 280mm
Contains: 844 pages, 189000 words

Journal of a Voyage in HMS Beagle
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