BECK01 by Jeff Beck


In BECK01 Jeff Beck takes us on the journey of a lifetime. Over five decades he has blazed a trail, forging a unique style lauded by critics, fans and fellow guitar legends. Telling the story behind the music, Beck's twin inspirations - hot-rodding and rock'n'roll - are now bound together in the official signed limited edition book of his career.

Alice's Adventures Under Ground

A limited edition facsimile edition of the original 1864 manuscript, charmingly illustrated and hand-lettered throughout by the author.

Alice, The White Rabbit, the King and Queen of Hearts, The Mock Turtle...every one of these characters, known and loved by five generations of children of all ages, was born on 'a golden afternoon' in July 1862.

24 Nights

24 Nights is Eric Clapton's signed limited edition book and CD box set, commemorating a record 24-night performance at the Royal Albert Hall in 1991. This book is a unique collaboration between Eric Clapton, Peter Blake, Derek Taylor and Genesis Publications.  

Letters of Fletcher Christian

Fletcher Christian

This fascinating book was first published in 1796 under the title: Letters from Mr Fletcher Christian Containing a Narrative of the Transactions on Board His Majesty's Ship Bounty Before and After Mutiny, With His Subsequent Voyages and Travels in South AmericaThe Letters of Fletcher Christian is a fine facsimile of an original 1796 copy.

The Complete Pink Floyd

Complete Pink Floyd

The Complete Pink Floyd lists every concert, every appearance and every recording, and is the most comprehensive guide ever published on the progressive rock band - charting the band's career from tiny church halls in the mid-1960s to multi-platinum albums and spectacular stadium shows.