Elvis & the Birth of Rock

Elvis & the Birth of Rock documents the extraordinary music bus tours that travelled the States during the fifties, often presenting several legendary performers in a single billing.

Mike McCartney: "Everyone's greatest influences appear in their teenage years. It's that magical time. Lew Allen lived among Elvis, The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly - all the people who influenced us as kids."

Lou Allen's remarkable photography is published here exclusively. His rare book captures Elvis Presley on stage and behind the scenes; Buddy Holly playing and traveling, only a year before his untimely death; The Everly Brothers as headliners with their hit Wake Up Little Susie; Frankie Avalon primps in front of a mirror; Buddy Holly and Don Everly share private jokes and Bobby Darin singing on stage, winking for Lou's camera.

Signed by: Lew Allen, Mike McCartney
Contributors: Bob Shatten
Paper: 200gsm matt art acid-free paper
Binding: Quarter-bound in blue suede, with printed Imitlin boards, black tooling and silver page edging
Box: Hand-made box
Page size: 360mm x 260mm
Contents: 156 pages, 7500 words, 78 images

Elvis & The Birth of Rock