Genesis 100

Genesis 100 Hedleys
What better way to celebrate Genesis' 100th edition than to put four of the most sought after titles into a boxed set? Working with Eric Clapton, Sir Peter Blake, and the estates of George Harrison and David Bowie, they are:
• Songs by George Harrison by George Harrison and Keith West
• 24 Nights by Eric Clapton and Sir Peter Blake
• Pleased to Meet You by Michael Putland, introduced by Mick Taylor
• Speed of Life by Masayoshi Sukita and David Bowie
Print run: 2000 copies
Paper: 200gsm Gardamatt
Binding: 4 volumes quarter-bound in Italian leathers
Box: Archival solander case
Extras: Loose-leaf essays and facsimile items
Page size: 125 mm x 170 mm


Genesis 100 Hedleys
Genesis 100 Hedleys
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