How Can It Be? A Rock & Roll Diary by Ronnie Wood

How Can It Be? A rock and roll diary by Ronnie Wood

In this limited edition of only 1,965 copies, each book is signed by Ronnie Wood. Hand-bound in antiqued leather, with gold blocking and page edging, the binding replicates Wood's original diary, down to its scuffs and scratches. Loose-leaf facsimile items include posters, nightclub tickets and rare photographs.

Within the book's slipcase, a pull-out tray holds a 45rpm record featuring How Can It Be?. The song was one of Ronnie Wood's first compositions, written for the Birds and recorded in 1965. The B-side unveils a new specially made recording of the same song. Wood has created the artwork for the 7in picture disc - a cubist-style self-portrait, complete with guitar and 1965 diary. 

How Can It Be? A Rock & Roll Diary includes rare and unseen photographs taken by Ronnie Wood's friends, family and bandmates. Colour and black and white shots bring his stories to life, depicting "strange photocalls", road trips and plenty of high-energy performances. Archival images also illustrate events in the diary, from seeing the Stones on TV to filming alongside Marianne Faithfull. Historical memorabilia - including newspaper clippings, album artwork, concert posters and contracts - are also reproduced throughout the book, and in facsimile as additional loose-leaf items. 

In his new book, Ronnie Wood shares a series of original artworks inspired by the content of his diary. Friends and musicians such as The Who are featured, as are early musical influences such as Howlin' Wolf. Others bring to life memories of everyday life: loading a van with his bandmates, or pushing a stalled car home. Drawings of the guitars and amps Wood used embellish his words - with new anecdotes often personally reproduced in Wood's own calligraphy.

Binding: Hand-bound in leather. Cloth-bound slipcase.
Print run: Only 1,965 copies. 50 available in Australia and New Zealand. 
Extras: Exclusive 7" disc. Loose facsimile items.  
Publisher: Genesis Publications UK

Price of $890 is in NZ dollars and includes corresponding Australian or New Zealand GST, and delivery charges to any Australian or New Zealand address. To be despatched from our New Zealand based bookshop in early October 2015. Hedleys Books are the official distributor for Genesis Publications UK.

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