Raga Mala: The Autobiography of Ravi Shankar


Ravi Shankar is the world's foremost sitar virtuoso and composer, the man christened by George Harrison as the 'Godfather of World Music', who spearheaded the international spread of Indian culture. He has a remarkable story to tell, and he brings to the task the same contrasting qualities that make him as uncommon a man as a musician: that mixture of charm and candour, of dignity and humility, of deep spirituality and wide-eyed, impish fun.

Raga Mala features a remarkable collection of photographs and documents drawn almost entirely from the personal archives of Ravi Shankar and George Harrison. A large number of these have never been published before. Classically elegant in design and presented to the very highest of standards, it is a beautiful record of an extraordinary life.

Signed by: Ravi Shankar
Contributors: George Harrison, Yehudi Menuhin
Paper: High quality, acid-free, 145gsm
Binding: Bound in Bangalore raw silk specially created for this book, with gilt hand-tooling and gilded page edging
Box: Silk screened presentation box, decoratively blocked in gold leaf
Extras: Two CDs showcasing 80 minutes of exclusive and rare material and a packet of Special Durbar Agarbathi incense sticks (a personal favourite of Ravi and the book's guest editor, George Harrison)
Page size: 240mm x 168mm
Contains: 352 pages, 120000 words, 200 images

Raga Mala Ravi Shankar