Songs by George Harrison (Volume Two)

Songs by George Harrison Volume Two

This volume is beautifully illustrated and contains fifty-nine further songs by George Harrison, including such classics as My Sweet Lord, Something and All Things Must Pass.

A recording of four previously unreleased tracks from George is provided, with the choice of vinyl or CD format.

Signed by: George Harrison, Keith West
Contributors: Keith West, Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson
Binding: Three-quarter black leather
Box: Two-tray Solander box
Extras: CD or Vinyl: 4-tracks Life Itself (demo version; all instruments by George Harrison), Hottest Gong in Town, Tears of the World, Hari's On Tour Express (recorded live in Washington DC in 1974)
Page size: 175mm x 250mm


Songs by George Harrison Volume Two
$5 000.00