Vogue: Voice of a Century

Vogue Voice of a Century Hedleys Bookshop

In a landmark publication compiling photographs, illustrations, correspondence, covers and new interviews with 100 renowned Vogue contributors, Voice of a Century is an anthology like no other. Strictly limited to only 1,916 craftsman-bound copies, each 448-page volume is individually signed by at least 7 major contributors.

'Vogue is fashion. Vogue changes peoples view and their take on how they see things.' Kate Moss

'There's a certain thing that I think is quite magical: when you're part of it, you're part of it.' Mario Testino

'There is a kind of fairy dust that Vogue gives people... I don't really want to know what it is, because I think if one became too self-conscious about it, maybe it would cease to exist.' Alexandra Shulman, Editor-in-Chief

• Only 1,916 copies
• 100 Vogue contributors
• 500+ images
• 20,000 words
• Hand-bound in leather
• Stamped by Mario Testino
• Signed by 7 contributors

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Vogue Voice of a Century Hedleys Bookshop
Vogue Voice of a Century Hedleys Bookshop
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