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Hedley's Bookshop circa 1960

Hedleys Booksellers was established in 1907 by William Hedley, initially as a distributor of daily newspapers in Masterton New Zealand, but was further developed by Alexander Hedley over the next 60 years into a large independent stockholding bookshop. The photograph above shows the bookshop in the 1960s at the height of Alex Hedley's bookselling career.

It is now owned and managed by David and Jenny Hedley.

Hedleys primarily stocks new books and has a stock of second-hand books, and alongside this a world wide book search service to track down that elusive title. Hedleys specialises in New Zealand books especially New Zealand history, biography, art and books pertaining to the region of Wairarapa and the town of Masterton. Hedleys also has a small niche publishing division HEDLEY BOOKS publishing local history;and have also published books on a diverse range of topics including the history of nineteen century pacific exploration, and Australian plein air painting.

Hedleys other area of specialty is the history of popular music which has come about through a special friendship and business relationship with Genesis Publications UK and the owners Nick and Cathy Roylance (www.genesis-publications.com).Hedleys distribute Genesis' books in Australia and New Zealand and co-published with Genesis "Blinds & Shutters', the very special 1960s photographic social history produced in a spectacular limited edition format. This book and other limited edition books from Genesis, on the history of rock music, are beautifully created works of art, featuring such great musicians as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and The Who.

Hedleys are firmly placed at the quality end of bookselling and stock a wide range of books suitable for corporate or special gifts and can deliver to your door all your book needs. Hedleys provides a full right of return or exchange policy on all book selections and run a customer loyalty programme and an interesting book club with regular newsletters.

The Masterton bookshop is open 9am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday; 10am to 3pm Saturday. Open Sundays in November and December.




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