COMING SOON - Genesis 100

Genesis 100 Hedleys
What better way to celebrate Genesis' 100th edition than to put four of the most sought after titles into a boxed set? Working with Eric Clapton, Sir Peter Blake, and the estates of George Harrison and David Bowie, they are:
• Songs by George Harrison by George Harrison and Keith West
• 24 Nights by Eric Clapton and Sir Peter Blake

A Road Tour of American Song Titles - Karl du Fresne book launch

Like most New Zealand kids in the 1960s, Karl du Fresne grew up listening to songs about American towns and cities, some well known, others less so. He found himself wondering what sort of places they he went to find out.

Hedleys Booksellers and Bateman Publishing are delighted to invite you to the launch of A Road Tour of American Song Titles. Join us at Hedleys Bookshop at 7pm on Thursday 21 July 2016. 

Please RSVP to or phone 06 378 2875.

Concert for George

Concert for George

The Concert For George brought together some of the world's finest performers for one unprecedented night of celebration. This remarkable book follows that story, from the rehearsals, the sound checks, to the stage and beyond. George's friends and family share their personal memories, with archival photographs from over five decades illustrating their words.


Ringo Starr Print: George

George Harrison by Ringo Starr

USA, February 1964. 
Ringo Starr: "Pensive George. You should count the number of times we bought that heavy corduroy overcoat. We would always buy things in fours. It was snowing in Washington and it was freezing. We travelled down the East Coast, from New York to Washington, and finally to Florida, where it was warm."


How Can it Be? A Rock & Roll Diary by Ronnie Wood

How Can it Be? A Rock and Roll Diary by Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood reflects on the words he wrote 50 years ago and shares his memories in an extensive new manuscript of over 12,000 words. The 1965 handwritten diary has been produced in facsimile, down to its scuffs and scratches. Ronnie Wood has created a series of original and exclusive artworks to illustrate his words throughout the book, along with rare and unseen photographs and ephemera.