'At the Beach' Margaret Brooker book signing

At the Beach Wairarapa Book Fair Hedleys

A place at the beach is part of the collective New Zealand dream, and food writer Margaret Brooker’s own long held dream came true with the purchase of a holiday house along the remote Wairarapa coastline.

In her evocative cookbook memoir At the Beach she shares the pleasures of taking time out with her family at Flat Point, with fishing tales and other anecdotes of quiet coastal life, where books, board games, beach walks, swimming and boating fill the days.

COMING SOON: Hello Goodbye: The Beatles in Tokyo, 1966

Hello Goodbye The Beatles Hedleys Bookshop Deluxe binding

In 1966 The Beatles embarked on their last tour, playing concerts in 20 cities over the course of four months, beginning in London and ending in San Francisco. Millions of fans in England, Germany, Japan, the Philippines and America flocked to see the band. Hello, Goodbye: The Beatles in Tokyo, 1966 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' visit to Japan on this tour.

COMING SOON - Genesis 100

Genesis 100 Hedleys
What better way to celebrate Genesis' 100th edition than to put four of the most sought after titles into a boxed set? Working with Eric Clapton, Sir Peter Blake, and the estates of George Harrison and David Bowie, they are:
• Songs by George Harrison by George Harrison and Keith West
• 24 Nights by Eric Clapton and Sir Peter Blake

BECK01 by Jeff Beck


In BECK01 Jeff Beck takes us on the journey of a lifetime. Over five decades he has blazed a trail, forging a unique style lauded by critics, fans and fellow guitar legends. Telling the story behind the music, Beck's twin inspirations - hot-rodding and rock'n'roll - are now bound together in the official signed limited edition book of his career.